Saturday, 30 March 2013

Stop Popping Pills
There are many home remedies (which were used in India from ages) to cure for basic symptoms like headache, cold & Cough and they even don’t have side effect like the tablets we consume frequently for symptoms that may not require a physician's supervision. (As few pain killers medicines are sold without prescription). However, it is not always a good idea to be your own doctor.
The medicine which we use for headache and body pain (e.g. Crocin, Combiflame and Asprinin) can cause  sever damage to our body the side effect of this medicines cause acidity and stomach ulcers that may bleed. In extreme cases, multiple and shallow ulcers in the stomach can induce a blood vomit. They may cause problems if over-used (The general rule for Paracetamol — take it when your thermometer clocks 100 or above and with six to eight hour gaps). It may lead to prolonged problems such as high blood pressure, prostate problems, thyroid or heart disease. So before taking any medicines consult a doctor so he/she can diagnose its root cause and prescribe the proper medicine.
·         Try This – If you have headache drink a glass of water and rub you neck for some time or go for a small walk.
There are infection like Cough and cold which are viral infection and could be easily treated at home by taking granny remedies but by taking medicines we are making the virus more resistance  to medicine it can cure it for some time. The medicine like Dcold or Benadryl syrup which available at all local chemist and can easily available without prescription can cause drowsiness as Colds and cough are self-limiting and need minimal medication.
·         Try This - Grandma's cures such as hot soup, steam inhalation and fresh fruits rich in Vitamin C are still the most effective when treating bronchial ailments.
The medicines can provide quick relief but they leave there foot print which could cause problem in later stages and the medicine taken regularly can make you addict so please try to avoid the medicine as much as possible and always take medicine with proper doctor prescription.   
·         Don'ts
ü  Don't take medicine with alcohol.
ü  Don't take a higher or lower dose of the medicine than the label tells you to or more frequently than suggested.
ü  Don't forget to keep track of your allergies to OTCs and avoid medicines that have the same ingredients.
ü  Don't take medicines in the dark as you may err on the dosage.
ü  Don't hesitate to ask or consult your doctor in case of any doubts with medicine.

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